4-Chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol’s performance characteristics

1.Antibacterial activity: It has an excellent killing effect on Gram-positive and negative bacteria and molds. 

2.Stability: PCMX has good stability under normal storage conditions and will not be deactivated.

3.Solubility: 20℃ aqueous solution: 0.03% weight/volume; 20℃ 95% ethanol: 50% weight/volume; soluble in polyethylene glycol, enol, olefin, benzene, ether, non-volatile oil and strong alkali Aqueous solution. 

4.Safety: Acute oral dose: LD50≥3g/kg (white rat); acute injection dose LD50≥2g/kg (white rat).

Its application areas:

① Hospital and general medicine:


Skin disinfection of patients before surgery; sterilization of medical equipment; daily cleaning of equipment and hard surfaces to avoid cross-infection; it can be used to produce medical antibacterial soap, Hong Kong foot disinfectant and general first-aid supplies; it can be formulated into liquids without Hand sanitizer, powder, cream, lotion and other dosage forms; it can also be used as preservative in other medicines.

②Household and daily sterilization:


Antiseptics and insecticides for skin wounds (liquid, cream and lotion); common disinfectants and detergents; antiseptic soaps and personal hygiene hand sanitizers; shampoos (especially products with anti-dandruff function).



Coating surface: as a fungicide added to the paint, suitable for humid environments; glue and adhesive: prevent microbial decomposition, avoid odor, block filters and corrode metal, prevent product failure; leather treatment: prevent mold growth , To resist the attack of bacteria and fungi (especially salted fur, vegetable leather and salted or air-dried raw animal skins).

How to use it:


Add PCMX to alcohol, benzene, ether and other solutions to dissolve, and then mix with other materials for compounding. Certain nonionic or anionic surfactants can completely dissolve PCMX, and will not produce associations.


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