Classification of plant spice mint

Latin name: Herba Menthae Heplocalycis

English name: Wild Mint Herb

Aliases: also known as sesame seeds, water mint, fish herbs, danica, scallops, etc.

Family: It is the aboveground part of the perennial perennial herb of the Labiatae family Mentha (Mentha). It is an aromatic crop with special economic value.

Distribution: in our country: widely distributed throughout our country. China is one of the main exporters of peppermint oil and menthol;

In the world: widely distributed in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, a few in the southern hemisphere.

Species: There are about 30 species of Mint in the world; Mint contains 25 species, except for a few annual plants, most of which are perennial plants with fragrance. The current main producing area is the United States, and part of the mint is produced in the United Kingdom. The stem is about 90 cm long, the hairy leaves are serrated, the flowers are on the top, and the flower spikes are purple, white and pink. There are 12 species in China. The wild ones include peppermint, peppermint, spearmint, and lip calyx mint.


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