D-TAGATOSE CAS 87-81-0 Applications

  1. Application in baked goods

In many bakery products, tagatose is used as a flavor enhancer. Because tagatose has a high degree of Maillard reaction, it is necessary to strictly control the addition amount, otherwise it will produce bitter taste. Adding tagatose to bread in small doses can increase bread moisture, improve flavor, and increase the color of bread and biscuits. Adding 2% tagatose to muffins will produce a soft taste and rich toffee flavor; adding 0.5% to 1% tagatose to toast can shorten the baking time by half and produce a uniform color . Tagatose is an ideal icing for low-energy foods and is used as a pastry for bread and cakes.

  1. Application in chewing gum

Adding a small dose of tagatose to chewing gum can prolong the sweetness time and produce a special flavor. It can be added to chewing gum or used as a sugar coating. Adding more than 15% can produce the same flavor as peppermint oil and fruit, and can also enhance the flavor of peppermint oil and promote the sourness of some fruit flavors, but it does not increase the viscosity of the chewing gum.

Tagatose can be used in conjunction with other polyols and xylitol to make up for the shortcomings of diarrhea caused by a large amount of polyols.

  1. Application in beverages

Compared with high-sweetness drinks, low-energy drinks often lack taste and taste. Adding 1% tagatose to low-energy drinks can produce a better taste, mask bad flavors, reduce bitterness, and harmonize sweetness.

Tagatose added to milk-based beverages, such as chocolate yogurt and fruit-type yogurt, can improve the bad flavor caused by the use of high-sweetness sweeteners, obtain good sweetness, extend sweetness, and reduce bitterness.

  1. Application in meat products

Meat products such as cured meats and hams contain relatively high carbohydrates (2% to 7%), which can easily cause microbial contamination and lead to economic losses. In the meat industry, the requirements for preservatives and bactericides are very strict, so you can consider adding carbohydrates that cannot be used by microorganisms to meat products. Tagatose cannot be used by lactic acid bacteria that can cause spoilage and some pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. If it is added to meat products, it can not only play the role of carbohydrates, but also prevent microorganisms. Pollution.

  1. Application in health food

Because tagatose has a prebiotic effect, it can effectively improve the intestinal flora and prevent colon cancer, so it can be used as a raw material for health functional foods.


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