Does sweetener cause cancer? Let the science speak for itself

Since the death of soda drinks, it has become more favored by people. In the hot summer, everyone loves to drink ice drinks. But some people have some questions. For example, speech on the harm of sweeteners mentioned in front of the frontline has caused a lot of discussion, then we will understand what is sweetener today.

Sweeteners are also called sugar, one of the common food additives, and their role is to give sweet taste for food. In the past more than 100 years, sweeteners have been widely used in various daily food and beverages including bread, pastries, biscuits, beverages, seasonings, etc.

There are a lot of speech about “the harm of sweeteners”, especially Asa sweet. As a food additive, as a food additive, it can see it in some sugar-free sodes, and the people holding “sweetestness is very harmful” believe that this sweetness of Asa There is a possibility of carcinogenesis. Is that the fact like this?

In fact, there are two security issues (JECFA) for the Food Additives in Asa, and the World Health Organization. There are more than 100 countries to approve it as food additives. The EU Food Safety Agency (EFSA) Comprehensive Research As a result, Asa is not injured in brain and neuromic, nor does it affect people’s behavior and cognitive function. Effering from the full study of animal and human body, EFSA also excludes the possibility of carcinogenesis of Asa. The conclusion of the professional institutions of EU Food Safety Agency (EFSA) is sufficient to prove that the hazards of sweeteners are not scientific.

In short, the authority of the authority is sufficient to prove that the hazard of the sweetener is wrong. With regard to “less sugar” and “sugar-free” drink, you can drink it with confidence!


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