How to use paper defoamer in the paper industry

The special defoamer for papermaking is now the standard in the paper industry, and almost many paper mills will use defoamer products. During papermaking, the problem of foaming occurs in the pulping process, and the foam has already affected the quality of the paper, and the more foam accumulated will affect the efficiency of papermaking.


At this time, the special defoamer for papermaking is a product specifically aimed at the foam produced during papermaking. It can very effectively remove all the foam on the surface during pulping without affecting the quality of the paper. The special defoaming agent for papermaking is composed of a variety of organic hydroxy compounds, synergists and fatty acid ether lipids. It has a strong defoaming and anti-foaming function. It does not contain minerals and hydrocarbons, which is beneficial to environmental protection and foaming media. The compatibility is good; the effect is stable during the storage period.

Dosage instructions for special defoamer for papermaking: just add the defoamer directly into the foam system, the recommended dosage: 0.05%~0.3%, the final dosage can be added by yourself according to your own experimental results.


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