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Disinfectant fungicide

Disinfectant fungicide

Disinfection fungicide is to fungi, bacteria and spores have killed and inhibited its production, growth function of medicament. According to the bactericidal mechanism, fungicide is divided into oxidizing fungicide and nonoxidizing fungicide.  

Cosmetic Raw Materials

Cosmetics are a mixture of various raw materials processed by reasonable allocation.  There are many kinds of cosmetics with different properties.  According to the cosmetic raw material performance and use, can be divided into two categories of substrate raw materials and auxiliary raw materials.  Cosmetics is with natural, synthetic or extract all sorts of action different material as raw material, via heating, agitation and emulsification wait for production program processing and become chemical mixture material.  

Flavors and fragrances

Flavor, also known as harmonic flavor, is a mixture of more than two kinds of artificial spices used to supplement, improve and enhance the quality of food flavor.  An essence is often composed of several or even hundreds of spices.  Spice is a kind of substance that can be smelt out by the sense of smell or taste, and it is the raw material for the deployment of essence  

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