Cosmetic Raw Materials

Cosmetic Raw Materials

The cornerstones of cosmetics are typically separated right into universal base products and also natural ingredients. Typical base products for cosmetics consist of: oil-based products, which are the most extensively utilized resources for cosmetics. They play the function of shielding, moistening and also softening skin in skin treatment items, and also shaping and also hairdressing in hair products.


Surfactant, can reduce the surface area tension of water, with purification, wetting, dispersion, lathering, emulsification, enlarging as well as various other functions, referred to as industrial monosodium glutamate; Moisturizer is a vital raw material for lotion cosmetics. Its function is to prevent the paste from drying out as well as breaking and maintain skin moisture.

Adhesive, primarily used for hair spray, mousse and gelatinous mask; Powder, mostly utilized in the manufacture of scent powder products; Pigments, dyes, mainly used in the manufacture of aesthetic items; Preservatives as well as anti-oxidants that prevent microbial growth throughout the life span of cosmetics as well as throughout customer use; Spices, enhance the fragrance of cosmetics, improve the price of items; Other raw materials, including ultraviolet absorbent, color intermediate for black hair, hair perm resources, perspirant, antiperspirant, basic materials to stop dry as well as split skin, anti-acne basic materials, etc. Usual all-natural additives are hydrolyzed gelatin, hyaluronic acid, superoxide dismutase (SOD), royal jelly, silk fibroin, mink oil, pearl, aloe vera, clinical rock, organic germanium, pollen, brown algic acid, sea-thorn, Chinese natural medication and so forth.