Fast Delivery White Beeswax 8012-89-3 with Free Sample


Fast Delivery White Beeswax 8012-89-3 with Free Sample

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Name: Beeswax
Cas: 8012-89-3
Purity: 99%min
Brand: zhishang chem

Chemical Beeswax: 


Basic Info:

Melting point 61-65 °C(lit.)
density 0.95-0.960
refractive index n20/D 1.485-1.505
Fp 158 °F
storage temp. Store at +15°C to +25°C.
solubility Soluble in chloroform, ether, fixed oils, volatile oils, and warm carbon disulfide; sparingly soluble in ethanol (95%); practically insoluble in water.
form Pieces or Plates
color yellow/ white
Water Solubility Insoluble in water



White beeswax, also known as Baifeng wax, is refined by oxidation and bleaching of beeswax (wax from bee secretion).

In the pharmaceutical industry, because white beeswax is a natural substance, it is often used in the medical-pharmaceutical industry.

The tooth base hand and tooth model in dentistry are made of white beeswax.

The shell of many traditional Chinese medicine pills is also made of Baifeng wax because Baifeng wax can prolong the retention period of traditional Chinese medicine pills.

Beekeepers will make white beeswax into beekeeping tools.

Because Baifeng wax has certain emulsification and good smoothness, there will be some white beeswax in shower gel and lipstick.

In addition, in the processing of food, a small amount of white beeswax can also be added to the flavor. Baifeng wax can also be made into the outer package of food, or directly coated on the surface of the food.


Product NameBeeswax
CAS No.8012-89-3
Appearance Yellow / white
Content99% min
Shelf Life2 years
Packing1kg/bag,25kg/bag or as your requirements


Environmentally friendly lubricants for printing inks
Ink lubricant refers to the material that can reduce the viscosity or viscosity by adding ink, reduce the disadvantages of paper sheet pulling, paper wool, and powder dropping, and improve the uniformity of ink distribution. The lubricants used in traditional ink production will produce some pollution more or less, which is not suitable for the needs of today’s market
The preparation method is: stirring methacrylic acid and emulsifier, adding white peak wax, heating to white peak wax, dissolving, then adding zein, stirring and mixing for 0.5 hours, adding cowhide powder, Paeonol and nano bamboo charcoal powder, heating up to 70-80 degrees centigrade, reaction for 2 hours, neutralizing to pH 7, stirring side by adding cinnamaldehyde, two acetals, defoamer, Sophora flavescens gel, Alanine and dihydroxyacetone, and finally start rapid stirring (1440r / min) to obtain emulsion products for production.
The production process of the invention is simple. By adding corn gliadin, Baifeng wax, nano bamboo charcoal powder and other components, the product has excellent lubrication performance and good fusion degree. The beneficial effects of the invention are: the invention uses corn gliadin in the production of environmental protection lubricant for printing ink, which is the first in China; The lubricant prepared by this method has excellent properties such as gelation, oxidation resistance and lubricity.
Environmentally friendly debonding agent for preparing printing ink
Debonding agent refers to the material that can reduce the viscosity or viscosity when added into the ink. It is a wax paste like mixture with loose and lubricating texture. After adding an appropriate amount of ink, it can reduce the viscosity of the ink, reduce the problems of paper wool and powder dropping, and improve the uniformity of ink distribution.
Beneficial effects of the invention: the invention can increase the brightness of the ink, improve the wettability, improve the inkability, increase the printing speed, reduce the viscosity, environmental protection and no pollution.
The beneficial effects of the invention are: by putting the raw materials of cochineal vermilion, rose powder and jojoba oil into the beaker for heating, stirring and mixing, and adding pearl powder and mica powder in the mixing process, the full friction between cochineal vermilion and rose powder can occur through pearl powder and mica powder, so that the mouth red mixture can be mixed more evenly; The natural beeswax, glycerin, olive oil and white beeswax are heated and melted in beaker. After mixing the wax material, the mixture of essence and pearl powder and mica powder is added, and the waxy raw materials are fully mixed and mixed, so that the wax materials and flavors are mixed evenly under the stirring and heating action of the electromagnetic stirrer, and the waxy raw material is stirred. The mouth red mixture is in the state of disassembly and mixing, and the production time is reasonably used to make the mouth red mixture fully mixed. After the mouth red mixture is mixed with waxy raw materials.
By increasing the heating temperature and reducing the rotating speed, the lipstick stock solution can be mixed slowly and fully to avoid spilling the lipstick stock solution due to too high rotating speed. The lipstick produced contains pearl powder and mica powder, so it is easy to apply on the lips and has a three-dimensional feeling. The lipstick produced contains wax and grease components to improve the texture of lipstick luster, Effectively keep lips moist, not easy to decolorize, suitable for high temperature season.
For the preparation of tacrolimus ointment
The matrix of traditional tacrolimus ointment is liquid paraffin, white beeswax, white vaseline and paraffin, and the solvent is propylene carbonate; The matrix in the prescription is non-polar solvent, and the density is less than 1G / ml; Propylene carbonate is a polar solvent with a density greater than 1G / ml. This prescription compatibility makes the solvent of tacrolimus ointment easy to layer and sink at the bottom in the high temperature and freeze-thaw cycle test, so it is difficult to obtain a uniformly distributed drug preparation.
Beneficial effects: after the process is changed, the quality indexes of the products can be controlled within the scope of national drug standards, and the curative effect and stability of drugs can be consistent with imported drugs. After the improvement of prescription process, all production requirements can be produced with domestic equipment, which can greatly reduce the production cost and realize rapid industrialization.

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