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Name: Cinnamon oil

Cas: 8007-80-5

Purity:  99%


Basic Info

  • Cinnamon oil 8007-80-5 is an essential oil obtained by steam distillation of the bark or leaves of cinnamon.
  • The oil yield of bark was 1% ~ 2%. The oil yield of fresh branches and leaves was 0.3% ~ 0.4%.
  • It is one of the earliest famous essential oils exported by China.
  • It is a yellow or yellow-brown clear liquid, with a special odor of cinnamon,  sweet and pungent taste.
Product Categories:Essential oil;8007-80-5

Product Introduction

  • Cinnamon oil 8007-80-5 Meat also known as cinnamon oil. Light yellow oily liquid. It smells good. The relative density is 1.014 ~ 1.040. Refractive index 1.569 ~ 1.584. Rotation 0° ~ -2°.
  • The main ingredient is cinnamic Chemicalbook aldehyde, the content is about 60% ~ 75%. And contains eugenol about 4% ~ 15%. Soluble in ether and trichloromethane.
  • The color gradually darkens in the air. It is used as an odorant in beverages and foods, and in synthetic medicine.

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Cinnamon oil Chemical Properties
Boiling point 194-234 °C
density 1.03 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
refractive index n20/D 1.592
Fp 199 °F
storage temp. 2-8°C

Product Packaging

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Cinnamon oil

Essence and fragrance
Cinnamon oil 8007-80-5 is used to blend flavors for toothpaste, beverages and tobacco. It can also be used in some soap and incense. Cinnamaldehyde can also be extracted from the oil, and cinnamyl alcohol and other spices can be further synthesized.

Flavour enhancer
Cinnamon oil 8007-80-5 is widely used as a flavor enhancer in beverages and foods, as well as in the preparation of cosmetics and soap fragrances, and in medicine

Cinnamon oil 8007-80-5 is a spice used in meat cooking as a flavoring, as well as in pickling, soaking and baking foods such as breads, cakes and pastries, or for the extraction of essential oils. It can be widely used as a flavor enhancer for beverages and food, and is also used to prepare cosmetic flavor and soap flavor.


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