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Free Sample Nicotinamide cas 98-92-0

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Name: Nicotinamide

Cas: 98-92-0

Purity: 99%min


Chapter 1: Basic Info

Nicotinamide Chemical Properties
Melting point 128-131 °C(lit.)
Boiling point 150-160 °C
density 1.40
vapor density 4.22 (vs air)
refractive index 1.4660 (estimate)
Fp 182 °C
storage temp. 2-8°C
solubility 691g/l
form powder
pka3.3(at 20℃)
color white
PH6.0-7.5 (50g/l, H2O, 20℃)

Chapter 2: Product Introduction

Niacinamide is one of the skincare ingredients of very good oil, as well as it is a really flourishing household in the big town of skincare. Furthermore, unlike VC, which has lots of branches (derivatives), nicotinamide does not actually have numerous branches, however, it is a very flourishing family.

Niacinamide is a by-product of vitamin B3, and also it is likewise recognized as a golden active ingredient in the field of skin charm research study. Its core result in delaying skin aging is to stop as well as lower the boring skin tone as well as loss of hair triggered by the skin in the very early aging procedure. Yellow, veggies, and also other concerns.

Chapter 3: Nature and Specifications

Product Packaging

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Chapter 4: Product Usage

The role of niacinamide in skin treatment is generally split into the complying with elements: Oil-control, acne suppression Anti-aging, boost penalty lines Fixing and enhancing skin barrier features Lightening as well as lightening pigmentation Although the effects seem to be lots of, the details principles are still somewhat various. oil control, In fact, oil control is the one with the least research results among the numerous impacts of nicotinamide.

Although the oil control result of nicotinamide is pointed out in several places, from the published study, a couple of associated research studies can be located to discuss its principle. part is also less.

We additionally stated this circumstance in the article on oil control prior to. Clinical experiments have shown that topical 2% nicotinamide has a certain effect on regulating oil secretion, however, several clinical research studies are exempt for describing the device and principle, so what is it? Why I really did not find it either. If you are still willing to attempt the oil control impact of niacinamide, The Ordinary’s 10% niacinamide + 1% Zn is a great choice.

Although lots of people have a lot of discussion on whether it is actually necessary to add nicotinamide to 10%, and whether its oil-controlling effect is the role of nicotinamide or the role of Zn, going by the previous remarks after our short article, its oil control result is also debatable. The oil control effect is still worth looking forward to. Anti-aging, enhance fine lines (anti-free radicals).

We have pointed out sometimes prior to that different components have various ideas when managing the style of “anti-aging”.

For niacinamide, it is attained from the perspective of “anti-oxidation“. However the “antioxidant” of nicotinamide is not like VC to kill the adversary on the front line.

Niacinamide is the precursor of a course of important materials in the body, NAD/NADP. Research has actually discovered that after the use of nicotinamide, the material of NADPH, the reduced form of such materials in the skin, will raise, therefore enhancing the amount of skin from keratin to collagen. The synthesis speed as well as a variety of types.

For example, Xiulike’s niacinamide multi-effect fixing cream is mostly planned for this effect. Repair skin barrier feature. Niacinamide has additionally been examined for the repair work of skin barrier function. In concept, there are 2 major elements.

Advertise the synthesis of ceramides in the skin. Increases the distinction of keratinocytes. The reason that nicotinamide can advertise the synthesis of ceramide is that it can enhance (biochemically called “positive law”) the activity of serine palmitoyltransferase, which most influences the speed and also effectiveness (biochemically called the rate-limiting enzyme) in the synthesis process. When the NADP in the skin is insufficient, the skin will reveal indicators of “aging”, the renewal price will certainly decrease, and also the skin will certainly additionally have the inadequate gloss and deteriorated protective function.

Consequently, nicotinamide, as the antioxidant attribute pointed out above, increases the distinction of keratinocytes and advertises keratin metabolism by enhancing NADP, to make sure that the skin protection function that started to stop working comes to be typical once again. Research studies have found that from these two facets, the skin’s dampness loss is lowered as well as the skin is a lot more immune to external stimulations.

For instance, Sesderma’s niacinamide body cream is promoted as a “whitening body cream” in my country (the bleaching effect is frustrating in our nation, I can recognize the problems of market trainees …), however, the original intention of this item layout is really For skin problem like dermatitis that requires repairing.

The bleaching principle of niacinamide is primarily in 2 facets. Hinder the manufacturing of tyrosinase. Speeds up keratin metabolic process manages melanin transportation (gentle exfoliation).

The initial point has to have been seen by everyone, so we will not speak about it. The 2nd factor is that some researchers assume that niacinamide has a moderate scrubbing effect, which means that the metabolic process of keratin in the skin is increased, which influences the transport of melanin, thus even more reinforcing the bleaching impact. However, whether niacinamide has an exfoliating effect, as well as the sped-up keratin metabolism is a symptom; or whether the keratin metabolism is increased by the various other reasons discussed over as well looks like exfoliation, it is still undetermined. However, also the impact of actual keratin exfoliation is fairly mild from the existing circumstance, so you don’t need to stress over it. Niacinamide is most famous as a bleaching item by Procter & Gamble.

Both Olay and SK-II are the major bleaching items in regards to niacinamide. Considering that the concentration of nicotinamide in the lowest-end little white bottle may be a little reduced, as well as currently the rate of SK-II is inexplicably high for inadequate individuals like me, the cost-effectiveness of the Pro-X small white bottle during the discount period is really famous.

Chapter 5: The Effect of Ferulic Acid:

Nicotinamide has long been known as whitening gold, which has led to a frenzy of skin-care ingredients. But what Rouge wants to point out is that there is a misconception: nicotinamide is not a “make-work” drug, but rather a whitening agent that reduces the production and transport of melanin on the skin’s surface. This effect, it is to let your color of skin restore original white, rather than let you infinite ground white go down

Chapter 6: Related References

  1. Wikipedia-Nicotinamide

Chapter 7: Our Advantage

Chapter 8: Company Info

Zhishang chemical company in China that exports chemicals, Cosmetic raw materials, and Intermediates for over 70 countries now.
And a range of 50,000 products with the best quality and competitive price to meet your different purchasing needs.

Chapter 9: Cooperation Partner

I would like to thank Shandong Zhishang New Materials Co., Ltd. for a very efficient transaction with their team.
Happy cooperation
Raymond Louis
The goods have been delivered intact. good packing. honest seller
Very satisfied
As usual, a great service from dear zhishang chemical, and the perfect quality of product! Highly recommend this company, and hope for long and productive cooperation 🙂
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