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Free Sample Paraformaldehyde CAS 30525-89-4

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Name: Paraformaldehyde

Cas: 30525-89-4

Purity: 99%min


Chapter 1: Basic Info

Paraformaldehyde Chemical Properties
Melting point 120-170 °C (lit.)
Boiling point 107.25°C (rough estimate)
density 0.88 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
vapor density 1.03 (vs air)
vapor pressure <1.45 mm Hg ( 25 °C)
refractive index 1.4540 (estimate)
Fp 158 °F
storage temp. 2-8°C
solubility chlorophenol above 70°C: soluble
form prilled
color White to off-white
Odorodor of formaldehyde
PH5.5 (H2O, 20℃)(saturated solution)
PH Range4 – 5.5

Chapter 2: Product Introduction

Paraformaldehyde (IUPAC designation polyoxymethylene, POM) is a polymer of formaldehyde (high molecular weight polyoxymethylene) with a general structural length of eight to one hundred individual Chemicalbook positions.
Long-chain paraformaldehyde is commonly used in heat-resistant plastics also known as polyoxymethylene plastics (POE, Derlin, manufactured by DuPont).
Paraformaldehyde decomposes quickly, releasing slightly odorous formaldehyde.

Concentrate the aqueous solution containing 37% formaldehyde in vacuo at 65°C to obtain a concentrated aqueous solution of paraformaldehyde containing 80% formaldehyde, add the suspension at a concentration of 1.5% and the manufacturing process of the Suspension consists of dispersing this fine magnesium oxide powder obtained in methanol, obtaining a methanol suspension with a magnesium oxide concentration of 50ppm, then put into an extruder to obtain 2–5mm particles, put the particles into a dryer and dry for 60 minutes, to make a solid content of 80%. The paraformaldehyde can be processed into 92% paraformaldehyde after drying for 120 minutes, and its output is 400 kg/h.

Chapter 3: Nature and Specifications

Product Packaging

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Chapter 4: Product Usage

Paraformaldehyde is mainly used in the manufacture and application of herbicides, but also in the manufacture of synthetic resins (such as artificial horn products or artificial ivory) and adhesives. At the same time, it is used in the pharmaceutical industry (the active ingredient of the contraceptive ointment) and is used for the disinfection of pharmacies, clothing, bedding, etc. Paraformaldehyde can also be used as a fumigant, fungicide, and insecticide.

Paraformaldehyde is solid granular formaldehyde with a high formaldehyde content, suitable for storage and transportation. It can be converted to formaldehyde vapor at higher temperatures and can easily replace high concentration formaldehyde to participate in various reactions, which is beneficial for chemical synthesis in chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industrial applications, especially in the required synthesis using anhydrous formaldehyde as raw material, an application widely.

There are mainly the following aspects

(1) Pesticides: synthesis of acetochlor, butachlor, glyphosate, etc .;
(2) Paint: High-quality synthetic car paint
(3) Resin: Urea-formaldehyde synthetic resin, phenolic resin, polyacetal resin, melamine resin, ion exchange resin, etc., and various adhesives;
(4) Paper production: synthetic paper strength agent;
(5) Casting: release agent for sand casting, synthetic binder for casting;
(6) Livestock industry: fumigation disinfectant.
(7) Organic raw materials: used in the production of pentaerythritol, trimethylolpropane, glycerol, acrylic acid, methyl acrylate, methacrylic acid, N-hydroxymethacrylamide, alkylphenol, methyl vinyl ketone, etc.
(8) Other: medicines, disinfection.

Chapter 5: Our Advantage

Chapter 6: Company Info

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Chapter 7: Cooperation Partner

I would like to thank Shandong Zhishang New Materials Co., Ltd. for a very efficient transaction with their team.
Happy cooperation
Raymond Louis
The goods have been delivered intact. good packing. honest seller
Very satisfied
As usual, a great service from dear zhishang chemical, and the perfect quality of product! Highly recommend this company, and hope for long and productive cooperation 🙂
My friend
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