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Free Sample Propylene glycol CAS 57-55-6

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Cas: 57-55-6

Purity: 99%min


Chapter 1: Basic Info

Product Name:Propylene glycol
Synonyms:PROPYLENEGLYCOL, REAGENT (ACS)PROPYLENEGLYCOL, REAGENT (ACS)PROPYLENEGLYCOL, REAGENT (ACS);Propyledne glycol;Glycerol Impurity 3(Glycerol EP Impurity C);Propylene glycol 57-55-6;Propyleneglycol Manufacturer;1,2-PROPANEDIOL, GR ACS 99.5%;PROPYLENEGLYCOLTECHGRADE;Propylene Glycol, Reagent

Chapter 2: Product Introduction

Compared with glycerol, propylene glycol has slightly lower viscosity and less moisturizing performance.

It mostly exists as a carrier in pharmaceutical production. Glycerol has excellent moisturizing performance. It is widely used in cosmetics and cakes with long shelf life.

Chapter 3: Nature and Specifications

Product Packaging

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Chapter 4: Product Usage

Propylene glycol is basically harmless to the skin. Propylene glycol is added to many cosmetics.

Its effect, a common moisturizing material, helps prevent water molecules from dissolving dirt on the face and allows the skin to dry quickly while removing makeup.

In addition, propylene glycol is often added to lotions and serums, which not only has a moisturizing effect but also helps the active ingredients of cosmetics penetrate the skin.

Of course, propylene glycol also has certain side effects on the skin, especially for some people with very sensitive facial skin, after using cosmetics containing propylene glycol, a burning sensation, itching, erythema, acne on the face. And so on.

This is irritant dermatitis caused by propylene glycol irritating the skin.

Chapter 5: What is the production method of propylene glycol?

1. It is prepared by direct hydration of propylene oxide and water at 150-160 ℃ and 0.78-0.98mpa. The reaction product is evaporated and rectified to obtain the finished product.

2. Propylene oxide indirect hydration method is prepared by indirect hydration of propylene oxide and water with sulfuric acid as catalyst.

3. Direct catalytic oxidation of propylene.

Chapter 6: Related References

Chapter 7: Our Advantage

Chapter 8: Company Info

Zhishang chemical company in China that exports chemicals, Cosmetic raw materials, and Intermediates for over 70 countries now.
And a range of 50,000 products with the best quality and competitive price to meet your different purchasing needs.

Chapter 9: Cooperation Partner

I would like to thank Shandong Zhishang New Materials Co., Ltd. for a very efficient transaction with their team.
Happy cooperation
Raymond Louis
The goods have been delivered intact. good packing. honest seller
Very satisfied
As usual, a great service from dear zhishang chemical, and the perfect quality of product! Highly recommend this company, and hope for long and productive cooperation 🙂
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