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Free Sample Tetrahydrolinalool CAS 78-69-3

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Name: Tetrahydrolinalool

Cas: 78-69-3

Purity: 99%min


Basic Info

Tetrahydrolinalool Chemical Properties
Melting point -1.53°C (estimate)
Boiling point 71-73 °C/6 mmHg (lit.)
density 0.826 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
refractive index n20/D 1.434(lit.)
Fp 169 °F
storage temp. Sealed in dry,Room Temperature
form Liquid
Specific Gravity0.826
color Clear colorless

Product Introduction

  1. Tetrahydrolinalool, known as 3, 7-dimethyl-1-3-octanol, has a more pleasant floral aroma than linalool and has a boiling point of 197 ~ 198.5℃.
  2. It is more stable to oxidation than linalool and can be used in a variety of daily flavor formulations, the dosage can be up to 30%;
  3. Zhi Shang Chemical is committed to the production of high-quality Tetrahydrolinalool, a first-class production line to ensure a stable supply of products to meet the needs of different markets.

Product Packaging

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Tetrahydrolinalool is more stable in oxidation than linalool. It can be used in a variety of daily taste preparations and can also be used as a synthetic pharmaceutical intermediate.

The application example is as follows:

1. The synthesis of an intermediate 2-[(R)-1-[3, 5-bis (tree fluoromethyl) phenyl] with toxyl-4-benzylmol-polin 3-ketone is easy to do; The reaction speed will be faster, the production cycle will be greatly shortened; the production cost can be reduced, the waste liquid discharge can be reduced, the cost can be reduced, and the environment can be considered; Benefits include high yield, short reaction time, high atom utilization, and low waste emissions; it is an efficient and environmentally friendly synthesis method.

2. Fruit raw material N-butyrate tricyclic decene ester modified N Prepare the taste of the detergent with -butylate trich-click decene ester, the aroma is still durable, round the aesthetic sense of the apple in the formula, providing a stable fruit taste to the flavor even after washing.

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Company Info

Zhishang chemical company in China that exports chemicals, Cosmetic raw materials, and Intermediates for over 70 countries now.
And a range of 50,000 products with the best quality and competitive price to meet your different purchasing needs.

Cooperation Partner

I would like to thank Shandong Zhishang New Materials Co., Ltd. for a very efficient transaction with their team.
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As usual, a great service from dear zhishang chemical, and the perfect quality of product! Highly recommend this company, and hope for long and productive cooperation 🙂
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