The domestic polyolefin resin was first exported to seven countries in Europe and the United States

In March, the polyolefin resin products produced by Sinopec Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd successfully opened up more than 10 overseas markets and exported to the United States, Germany and other European and American countries for the first time. The export volume exceeded 8,000 tons, which was equivalent to the total export volume of last year

First exported to the United States, Germany and other European and American countries. On March 5, Zhenhai refined 2000 tons of “high fusion finger, high crystallization and high impact resistance” polypropylene, which can be used to make outdoor furniture, was exported to Israel; On March 13, 18 tons of “high melt strength” polypropylene, which can be used to make waterproof coils in high-tech fields, were exported to the United States; On March 17, 494 tons of “high melt finger fiber material” polypropylene, which can be used to manufacture non-woven fabric, was exported to Turkey, successfully developing more than 10 overseas markets, among which it was exported to 7 European and American countries such as the United States, Germany, Italy, Canada, Spain, Portugal and Poland for the first time.

With high-end quality products to win the competitiveness of the international market. Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. adopts the “production, marketing, research and use” mode to develop and produce high-end polyolefin resin products with good functional characteristics, winning the competitiveness of the international market. In 2019, the resin products of Zhenhai Refining & Chemical obtained the REACH certification of EU for the first time, paving the way for the resin products to be exported to Europe. Sinopec Ningbo New Materials Research Institute, which will be opened in 2020, focuses on high-end polyolefin materials and has successfully developed a number of products such as high-end roller plastic special materials for outdoor use.

Accelerate the development of high-end materials and build a technology-leading company. , high-end materials for sinopec to speed up the clean energy research and development, form the results of rapid transformation, product competition, rapid iteration to build on the basis of energy resources, to clean oil and the modern chemical industry for the two wings, with new energy, new materials, new economy important growth point of the “fundamental flanks of sanxin” industrial pattern, creating the world’s leading clean energy chemical industry co., LTD.

Polyolefin resin is one of the most widely used synthetic materials in people’s life, among which polyethylene and polypropylene are the most important. High-end polyolefin resin is widely used in automotive lightweight modification, 5G communications, low carbon environmental protection, medical health and biodegradation and other high-end frontier fields.


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