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Octocrylene News Feature

  • Octocrylene alias: 2-cyano-3, 3-diphenylacrylate isooctyl, Otoquire, belongs to the cinnamic acid ultraviolet absorber, the maximum absorption wavelength of ultraviolet light is 308nm, the wavelength in the range of 280 ~ 320nm ultraviolet light (UVB) has a strong absorption capacity.
  • Octocrylene has a stabilizing effect on the UVA sunscreen Avobenzone (Paso 1789). Avobenzone is one of the organic sunscreens with the longest absorption peak wavelength to date.
  • Octocrylene is allowed to add up to 10% (in mass fraction) in China, the European Union, Japan, the United States, and South Korea.
  • However, in daily sunscreen products, the addition amount is generally 1-3%, and few products are added to 10%.

What is a UV absorber?


UV absorbers are a type of light stabilizer that can absorb the ultraviolet part of sunlight and fluorescent light sources without undergoing any changes.

Octocrylene is an organic compound with the chemical formula C24H27NO2. It is an oil soluble UV absorber and is insoluble in water. The properties that contribute to the dissolution of other oil soluble solid sunscreens. It has the advantages of high absorption rate, non toxicity, no teratogenic effect, good light and thermal stability, and can absorb UV-B and a small amount of UV-A.

The effect of Octocrylene on the skin

Octocrylene is an organic compound that has effects on the skin, including blocking UV rays, antioxidant properties, and enhancing sun protection.

1. Blocking UV rays: Aucklin can form a protective film on the surface of the skin, absorbing and blocking the radiation of UV rays on the skin, preventing them from entering the skin, thereby reducing the damage of UV rays to the skin.

2. Antioxidant effect: Aucklin can neutralize skin free radicals, reduce damage caused by free radicals, play an antioxidant role, and prevent skin aging.

3. Enhanced sun protection: The main components of Aucklin are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which can absorb ultraviolet rays and enhance the sun protection effect.

In daily life, it is important to choose sunscreen products that are suitable for one’s physical condition.

What is the role of Octocrylene in sunscreen?

Ultraviolet absorption

  • The main function of Octocrylene in sunscreen is to absorb ultraviolet rays.
  • Octocrylene is an oil soluble UV absorber that can absorb UVB and small amounts of UV-A radiation, helping to prevent UV damage to the skin, such as sunburn and skin aging.
  • In addition, Octocrylene also has certain antioxidant effects, which can neutralize free radicals and further reduce skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. Due to its good stability and relatively high safety, Aucklin is widely used in various sunscreen products.

Is there Octocrylene in sunscreen?

Adding Octocrylene to sunscreen has certain benefits for the skin.

Octocrylene is an effective UV absorber that can absorb UV-B and some UV-A rays, protecting the skin from UV damage. It also helps to enhance the stability of other sunscreen agents, especially the photostability of Avobenzone. In addition, Aucklin is not widely absorbed by the skin and is relatively safe. It has been approved by the US FDA as a Class I sunscreen and has a high usage rate in Europe and the United States.

Overall, the use of Aucklin in sunscreen is safe for most people

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