What is the difference between water-soluble silicone oil and water-based emulsified silicone oil?

Water-soluble silicone oil refers to a hydrophilic silicone oil synthesized by grafting hydrophilic groups on silicone oil.

Water-soluble silicone oil is a reactive non-ionic surfactant, soluble in water, alcohol, aromatic hydrocarbon, alcohol, etc. This product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and does not pollute the environment. Water-soluble silicone oil can be used alone in fabrics in the form of an aqueous solution or added to the resin finishing bath. It is suitable for various fiber fabrics, such as polyester, nylon, cotton, polyester-cotton, wool, rayon, etc. It can significantly improve the fabric’s hand feel, antistatic, and can enhance washing and stain resistance.

  1. Water-soluble silicone oil can be widely used in daily chemicals, such as various ointments, emulsions and shampoos. Hair washed with a shampoo containing water-soluble silicone oil is loose, soft, shiny, and has good combability.
  1. Water-soluble silicone oil can also be used in the tanning industry and is the main ingredient of advanced leather slip agents and finishing agents. It endows various natural leather surfaces with smooth, bright, soft and comfortable hand feeling.
  1. Water-soluble silicone oil is also an excellent additive for various coatings, which can improve the leveling of the coating and make the coating surface smooth and bright.
  2. Water-soluble silicone oil can also be used as plastic additives and mold release agents.

Water-based emulsified silicone oil can be used in hair care products. Emulsified silicone oil, also known as silky element. It is chemically stable, non-volatile, non-flammable, non-corrosive to metals, and it is not easy to gelatinize when placed in air for a long time. Leather brightener, automobile, furniture, flooring, metal processing, polyurethane, plastic, rubber, glass, ceramics, stone, textile, paper, wood and other industries, demoulding, glazing, anti-sticking effect of plastic film, metal Anti-rust, soft combing additives for shampoos, defoamers for cleaning and waterproofing and water-based coatings, etc.


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