Zhishang Chemical Water Purifier Polyaluminum Chloride CAS 1327-41-9

Polyaluminum chloride is commonly known as water purifier, also known as polyaluminum chloride, or polyaluminum for short, and its English name is PAC. And basic polyaluminum chloride, spray-dried polyaluminum chloride belong to the same category of water purification agents. It is a kind of cationic inorganic molecular flocculant of polyhydroxy and polynuclear complex. The appearance of solid product is yellow solid powder. Its chemical formula is AL2(OH)nCL6-nm. (In the formula, 1≤n≤5,m≤ 10) It is easy to dissolve in water and has strong bridging adsorption. In the process of hydrolysis, it is accompanied by physical and chemical changes such as electrochemistry, condensation, adsorption and precipitation, and finally forms AL2(OH)3(OH)3, so as to achieve Purification purpose. Spray polyaluminum chloride products are non-toxic, but the aluminum ions contained in them are harmful to the human body. Excessive intake can cause calcium deficiency and damage the brain. It accumulates in the liver, spleen, kidneys and other parts, hindering the body’s digestion and absorption functions.

The principle of polyaluminum chloride

The English name of polyaluminum chloride is: Polyaluminium Chloride, abbreviated as PAC. The appearance of the product is golden yellow, ocher, brown, red granular, and the molecular formula is as follows: [AL2(OH)nCL6-n] (n is 1-5.m ≤10) Basicity: B=n/6×100%, its coagulation performance is as follows:

  1. Strong electric neutralization of colloidal substances in water.


  1. The good bridging adsorption of the hydrolysate to the suspended solids in the water.


  1. Selective adsorption of soluble substances.

The main form of polyaluminum chloride in water is AL13O4(OH)247+

Characteristics of polyaluminum chloride: polyaluminum chloride can produce products with different content according to the specific requirements of customers’ water quality: national standard products: 30% spray drying, 30% plate and frame filter, 30% drum drying, 28%, 27% ordinary polymerization Aluminum chloride. Enterprise standard product: 26% ordinary polyaluminum chloride.

Zhishang Chemical’s polyaluminum chloride produces finished products after a long period of natural precipitation, and its water-insoluble matter (impurities) is greatly reduced. It meets the new national standard GB15892-2009. It is comparable to other similar water purification products, allowing you to use the product More at ease.

Zhishang Chemical reminds: Dear customers, when you are choosing a product, determine whether the other party is a manufacturer, reduce intermediate links, obtain a reasonable price of polyaluminum chloride, and avoid some low-priced and shoddy products!


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